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Training helps your business run better.

The employees you train, the more you save!

We provide training for your employees. Trained employees will be better equipped to provide solutions, use business tools more efficiently and keep your business investment safer. Educational Bridge’s training programs are designed to help businesses take their employee’s skills to next level and enhance productivity while spending your limited training budget.

We have a large list of courses, but if you do not see a specific course or would like to create a customized training, please contact us and we are able to create and customize programmes that will take your organisation to new heights.

Executive Education is an essential part of a career. As an education consultancy, we provide training services for professionals towards to the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers. We provide an opportunity for an individual to identify knowledge gaps and to resolve these in a recognisable approach to improvement.

A Certificate Programme helps individuals to focus on how they can become a more competent and effective professional. A short course let you explore a topic of particular interest.  It will extend your skills and qualifications and also support your career progression.


We welcome professionals from all educational backgrounds.

Online Language Coaching


Language is the key to success for your international business.
English is the language used by professionals all over the world, regardless of industry,
so it’s important to know how to communicate properly in business settings.

Comparison between Language coaching and Language Teaching

Language Coaching

  • Active learning

  • Motivation takes top priority

  • Empathy is important

  • Coach has ability to keep client engaged, motivated, valued and committed

  • Client takes responsibility and ownership

  • Flexible and self-directed

  • Normally no books are used

  • There is an equal status coach and learner

  • There is an awareness of limitations

  • Matches the needs of the client

  • “Teaching” is kept to a minimum

  • Continuous feedback and acknowledgement

  • Stimulates reflexion

  • Coach has the ability to adapt to the client

  • Client focused and tailor-made

  • One objective is to maximize the potential of the learner

  • Focus on cost effectiveness

Language Teaching

  • Passive

    It could sometimes be described as mainly a
    one-way process

  • Book related – following chapters and the
    order of language learning books

  • Often limited to the materials/books used

  • Teacher takes the role as the expert denoting
    a superior status

  • The relationship between the teacher and the
    learner is often not so close nor is it a realistic
    or personalized experience

  • Often encompasses a more formal approach

  • Instructive and mandatory

  • Directional

  • Demonstrative

  • With groups – often trial and error – not
    tailored to individuals

  • Often the subject must be learnt, so the
    teacher is interested in the topic but the
    learner is not

  • Often does not take into account the social
    context and cultural interaction of the learner

  • Normally not cost-effective and no awareness

  • relating to cost-effectiveness

Accommodation Services

‘High quality accommodation’

We find the right accommodation with some of the UK’s leading accommodation providers.

Our accommodation providers’ properties are perfectly

located near city centers and universities and come fully equipped with all the modern conveniences a student needs.

Airport Services


We offer a safe, reliable transfer service with fully insured cars and drivers who are all
CRB checked.
Inbound and outbound airport transfers are available. Our drivers meet their
passengers in the arrival hall of the terminal building and carry a sign with the passenger’s name.


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